Day 19 – Los Angeles

It was strange not having anywhere to drive to today, but we took advantage of this and had a day of being tourists in LA.

First up, we headed to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the names of the rich and famous are in stars on the pavement. There are also hand and footprints of actors, directors an musicians in the pavement around the entrance to the Chinese Theatre, which is also in Hollywood Boulevard. We spent a little while spotting various names on the pavement. The most notable ones we spotted were Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwazeneger, and the legend that is Vince McMahon. We didn’t stay around for too long, mainly as the parking was $2.50 for every 10 minutes!

Next, we decided to get closer to the Hollywood sign so we could get some pictures. You can see the sign from Hollywood Boulevard, but we wanted to get nearer so headed up into the Hollywood Hills towards the sign. We eventually came to the closest point that we could get to, and it seemed a lot of tourists had the same idea as even though we were high up in the hills, there were plenty of like minded people around.

We took a group and individual pictures with the sign in the distance, then headed off for lunch, before returning to the hotel for a few hours by the pool.

We headed out into Hollywood in the evening for dinner. Even though it was the last night of the holiday we didn’t have a crazy one. It’s been nice to relax and chill out in LA after a hectic schedule over the last few weeks. We’ve been looking over pictures from our trip today, and as we’ve packed so much into the past weeks, Boston and New York seem like months ago!

Tomorrow we fly home – Jon in the morning and the rest of us in the evening. I can honestly say its been the best holiday of my life, and we’re fortunate to have seen so many different parts of America and meet so many different types of people. It’s hard to believe that all of what we have seen is part of the same country! Hope everyone’s enjoyed reading the blog, and we’ll see you all soon! And if you’re ever in the US, make sure you head down to Old Route 66 and get your kicks on the Mother Road, even if its just for a few miles.







4 thoughts on “Day 19 – Los Angeles

  1. Haha, Ryan when I read it I knew that you’d of had a picture with the Michael Jackson star – love it, Shamone!!

    Have loved reading this blog, and even to me, reading about Boston seems like months ago. What an adventure you’ve all had, and done it together too. You guys will always remember that!!

    Well, enjoy your last day there and have a safe flight home tonight. We are looking forward to seeing you – I hope you’ve not picked up a cowboy accent :p

    See you soon, take care all.


  2. I’ve looked forward to the updates on this blog everyday it’s been full of information and humour, my what a trip you boys have had, something to tell your children and your grandchildren, like Natalie said I also wasn’t surprised to see you have your picture taken with Michael Jackson’s star !! Have a safe journey home and well see you real soon xxxx

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