Day 18 – Los Angeles

We set off in the morning determined to finish the last few miles of Route 66 again, this time in daylight, so headed back down Santa Monica Boulevard towards the Pacific Ocean. The official end to Route 66 is somewhat underwhelming, for as you near Santa Monica Pier, you take a left turn down Lincoln and as the road reaches a crossroads with Olympic, that’s it. The end. No signposts or markers to signify the end.

Thankfully, on Santa Monica Pier, there is a ‘End of the Route’ sign, so we headed there on foot to get an official picture for the end of the route. It felt quite strange having finished the drive, especially when you considered it was effectively the same road that we set out on in Chicago what seems like a lifetime ago. It’s also a pretty cool achievement having driven from East Coast to West Coast, via 22 states, and looking back on the pictures we’ve taken it’s amazing to reflect on all the places we have been to in just under 3 weeks.

We spent a little while at the pier, then celebrated finishing the route with a full English breakfast in a British pub, before heading back up to West Hollywood to where our hotel is. We spent the rest of the day chilling out in and around hotel. It was strange not having anymore driving to do – there was even brief talk of driving to San Francisco for the day, but we decided to just relax in LA for the rest of the trip instead. Jon and I took the time to catch up with an old friend from school who we hadn’t seen in over 15 years, which was nice.

We had a relatively low-key evening, with dinner and a couple of drinks in Hollywood. Vegas is still taking its toll on a few bodies and minds!





One thought on “Day 18 – Los Angeles

  1. You guys have done Route 66 – what an incredible thing to be able to say!! Ryan you look a bit like Bubba actually πŸ˜‰ Hahaha. Have fun and enjoy your last day. Looking forward to seeing you πŸ™‚

    Safe journey home to all of you guys.

    Nats xxxx

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