Day 17 – Los Angeles

After another crazy night in Vegas, it was time to head back down to Route 66 and complete the final stretch of both R66 and our road trip across America. One of the most challenging parts of the trip so far was dragging the rest of the boys away from the casino/bar to leave Vegas, and as most of them were in no fit state to drive, I took the wheel and headed out of Sin City.

We had a few hours drive until we reached R66, with nothing but desert all around, and before long most of the group were asleep. The sound of silence after 2 days in Vegas was a welcome relief!

We headed out of Nevada and into our final state of the trip, California. There wasn’t too much in the way of R66 attractions on the way to Los Angeles, although we did stop off at what is known as the ‘Bottle Ranch’ near Barstow. The ranch is basically what we’ve come to recognize as a standard R66 roadside attraction. You can’t help scratching your head and wondering why it even exists, but that’s R66 for you!

The ranch is a large collection of multi-coloured bottles mounted on large poles, as well as a large number of other items of junk including an old missile, machine guns, typewriters, sewing machines and just about anything else you could think of that was old and rusting. A hillbilly-looking guy lives on the ranch, and came out to speak to us as we took some pictures. His dad started the ranch with an old bottle he found, and ever since his dad and now him have collected old bits of junk to display in the ranch. Fair enough!

We continued along R66 and entered Los Angeles, headed for the end of the route in Santa Monica. Los Angeles is massive! It also has a lot of traffic! So much so that although we entered the Los Angeles area with the sun just starting to set, and by the time we made our way along Santa Monica Boulevard to the end of Route 66, it was completely dark. We therefore made our way to our hotel in West Hollywood, and decided to do the final bit of the route again in the morning so we could get some pictures.




One thought on “Day 17 – Los Angeles

  1. Sounds like a brilliant time you guys had in Vegas 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying LA.

    Stay safe and take care. See you soon!!


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