Day 15 – Las Vegas

After spending the evening in probably the worst hotel any of us would ever stay in for the rest of our lives, we set off again along Route 66 to Vegas. Las Vegas is another detour north away from R66, but before we headed north we followed Route 66 through probably the most picturesque section of the road through an area known as Sitgreaves Pass. The road meandered through rocky mountainside, surrounded by cacti, with sections of the road hanging over the edge of sheer drops.

As we followed the road, we came to a small town called Oatman. This was yet another town that has now been completely bypassed by the interstate, but was well worth a visit. As we drove into Oatman, it felt like we were entering an old cowboy film set, with small wooden buildings either side of the short stretch of road through Oatman.

We visited some of the shops, and played around with a gun holster. The lady in the shop even gave us a real gun to put in the holster and pose for pics, and took great pleasure in showing us her own personal handgun, complete with pink finish an pink bullets.

After Oatman, we headed north to Vegas. We made time for a minor detour to the Hoover Dam on the way, which again made for some impressive pics.

After driving in the desert for a couple of hours, it was nice to see Vegas suddenly appear in the distance as we headed toward it. We are staying at the Bellagio, with a room overlooking the fountain, and the view is amazing.

After checking into the Bellagio, Baz and I made our way to the airport to collect Jon. We had grown suspicious of Jon’s ‘present’ that he was bringing with him, and had guessed that he was most likely bringing someone with him. When we arrived to pick Jon up, there stood next to him was none other than Tel the Chair, USA veteran on his 75th tour! After arriving back at the hotel, we headed off to the casino and then to see what Vegas had in store……






2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Las Vegas

  1. Was looking out for the update all yesterday lol. That’s Brilliant Tel has joined you too, glad you’re all having fun. Cool pictures, again.

    Looking forward to the next update.

  2. Hello Flashlg,
    Cool Post, Were planning on going to Las vegas the week before thanksgiving, including the weekend. Just wondering could anybody tell me is this weekend busy still, or do most people hold out till the following weekend for thanksgiving.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

    BTW great blogpost
    Lonnie Gibson

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