Day 9 – Oklahoma City

Looking at the map, there were quite a lot of attractions that we fancied stopping off at on the way to Oklahoma City, so we decided to get up early and be on the road for 7am. We left Springfield and made our way South West, along rolling green hills. After an hour so we left the state of Missouri and entered Kansas.

Route 66 only runs through Kansas for around 13 miles, but there is quite a lot to see. The interstate that bypassed all of the old towns on Route 66 doesn’t run through Kansas at all, so the old towns along the route rely on passing tourists to keep them going and as a result everyone in is very welcoming.

We spent some time in the town of Galena. There is an old jail cell on the street so we took pictures of ourselves messing around, then moved onto another small town. Leccy and Sticky decided to have a chat with a guy who runs an antique shop, as it was the only place open, and asked why everything was closed. Apparently, the people there don’t get up until at least 11am!

We then followed R66 along across a river, over a bridge known as The Rainbow Bridge, which is a small white arched bridge in an idyllic setting. Apparently there used to be 3 in Kansas but this is the only one that remains. We continued along into the town of Baxter Springs, and stopped off for some breakfast, before following the road out of Kansas and into the state of Oklahoma.

We spent the rest of the day following R66 west through Oklahoma, stopping for the occasional photo. One stop of note was the Blue Whale of Catoosa, which is a large blue whale next to a lake by the side of the road. It has a water slide and diving board and was made so the owner of the lakes children could use it whilst swimming in the lake. The lake is no longer swimmable, and is now a dark shade of green, but the whale is another famous landmark along Route 66 and was worth a stop.

As we continue to follow the road, the change in landscape is becoming more noticeable. When we set off through Chicago, the landscape was a lot greener, and Missouri saw forests for log stretches of the route. Now we’ve entered Oklahoma, it’s getting a lot flatter and there are less trees, just open fields. The soil is also dark red, which I guess is a sign we’re starting to get closer to the desert.

We’re now in Oklahoma City, so are about to pop out for some food and see what Oklahoma City has to offer on a Friday night.

Next stop: Amarillo, Texas





8 thoughts on “Day 9 – Oklahoma City

  1. I’m reluctant to let your father read your detailed blogs, I know what it will lead to! ;o) Hope you are all having an amazing time. Mum Edwards xx

  2. LOVE reading this, feel like I’m there with you how you describe it!!! Ryan, you are missed by you Nephews and Neice but I’m going to read this tonight for their bedtime story!! Keep having fun and stay safe. Lots of love to you all xxxx

  3. Sounds good lads! Westham drew away to Southampton tonight, good point for us in my eyes, even though James Collins missed a SITTER in the last min! Have fun lads, take care goodnight with love Frankie

  4. Ossie is going to have another Birthday Cake just for you Ryan!! lol. He’s only my Two, he won’t hold it against you for long – a year or three :-p


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