Day 4 – Washington



Day 4 – Washington

After a heavy Saturday night in NYC, we left a lot later than planned Sunday morning as no one felt sober enough to drive. Eventually, we were on our way, deciding to take detour so we could drive over the Brooklyn Bridge. We then drove through Brooklyn and back across to Staten Island and into New Jersey.
We arrived in Washington around 5.30pm and instantly felt the difference in the weather. New York was around 80 degrees, whereas the temperature in Washington was closer to 90 and a lot more humid.
The second most noticeable thing about Washington was the space. Having come from New York, where space is at a premium and so everything is built upwards, Washington seemed a lot more spacious. There are no skyscrapers and everything from the buildings to the roads felt a lot wider and more spacious.
Our hotel was in walking distance from the White House, so we took a stroll down and took some obligatory photos. At the back of the White House, you can get quite close to the building an get some good pictures. Round the front, security is a lot tighter and it felt like we were a mile away from the house. Anyone venturing too close towards was ordered to step back by a police officer.
We then took a stroll to the Lincoln Memorial, which looked very impressive lit up against the dusk sky. The statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting down inside the memorial is equally impressive and was another photo opportunity.
Next, we walked from the Lincoln Memorial alongside the Reflecting Pool and past the Washington memorial, to Capitol Hill and the Capitol Building for more pictures. By now it was completely dark, so the building formed a striking image against the black sky.
After a spot of dinner (45 chicken wings which went down a treat!) we headed back past the White House for a few more pics now that it was dark, and then back to the hotel.
It was a bit of a whistle-stop tour of Washington, but seeing the White House means another item ticked off the bucket list. We had a relatively early night, as we had to be up early for Chicago which is around an 11 hour drive! We decided to leave as early as possible, and were on the road at 5.30am!
Next stop: Chicago

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