Day 2 – New York City

After a long first day, we were up surprisingly early, due mainly to our bodies still being on UK time. We set off on the road to New York at 8am, and within 30 seconds a road closure and a diversion meant that for the second time we found ourselves spectacularly lost in Boston! We eventually found our bearings and headed towards NYC.

The 4 hour drive seemed to fly by, and before long we were entering New York. Lec’s laid back driving was essential at this point, as driving around New York is crazy with so many one way streets and crazy drivers. We still haven’t figured out what happens at a Junction in terms of right of way and giving way to pedestrians so have adopted the ‘just go’ approach, which seemed to piss off a lot of New Yorkers both on foot and on the road!

Our hotel is on Wall Street in lower Manhattan, almost next door to the World Trade Centre. Once we had checked in, we jumped on the subway and headed north to see some sights.

First up was the Empire State Building, which is high. VERY high. So high in fact that I turned white with fear, and spent less than 5 min up on the viewing deck, legs shaking and palms sweaty. After a quick lap of the deck, I headed back down fearing I might pass out, and left the boys to it! The views across New York are spectacularly stunning from up there, and it’s eerily quiet.

Next we headed to Times Square, which again is another amazing place to be. There is so much going on with neon lights and noise almost overloading your senses.

We then made our way to Central Park, and decided to hire some bikes from which turned out to be a great idea. We sent an hour exploring the park, just as the sun started to set. There’s so much going on within the park, with people running, cycling, playin sports, walking, boating… Its quite surreaI being in such a large park being surrounded by sky scrapers.

By this time it was getting dark so we headed back towards downtown, stopping on the way at Grand Central Station. We weren’t really sue what to expect, other than perhaps a glorified Kings Cross, and were all amazed when we stepped foot inside. The architecture and decor were unbelievable and having seen it so many times on films, it felt strange actually standing in the middle of the station. We even managed to find the ‘whispering corner’ (not sure if that’s what it’s called, but it sums it up perfectly so I’m going with it!). Basically, it’s a section with 4 corners and an arched roof. After it was built, someone discovered that if you stand facing the wall and talk quietly, someone standing in the opposite corner facing the wall can hear what you’re saying perfrctly. Its something to do with the design of the arched roof. I have no idea how it works, but it was mind blowing to experience.

After a hectic day where we drove, walked and cycled a pretty big distance, we headed out in the evening to the little Italy area and had an Italian. Lack of sleep and jet lag waa taking its toll, so we headed back to the hotel around midnight for a relatively early night.

we’ve got another day and night in NYC, so are planning on seeing the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, and possibly catching a Yankees baseball game.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 – New York City

  1. Wow! It sounds like THE trip of a lifetime! Glad you are all loving it, wish to god I had the resources to jump on a plane and join you! Take care lads

  2. Hello gorgeous 🙂 Just so you know and don’t get booked, you can turn right at red traffic lights everywhere in the States/Canada except in New York City!!!! (and pedestrians always have the right of way, even when they are being prats). The big yellow school buses are a nightmare. When they start flashing you must not overtake, when they stop you have to stop, this applies EVEN if you are on the other side of the road!! American/Canadian kids have no road sense they get of their bus and walk straight across the roads without looking (because they have been protected by this rule). However they do get run over by idiots abroad who in turn spend the rest of their lives in prison. So if you manage to avoid pedestrians and school kids you’ll have a grand time 🙂

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