Day 1 – Boston

After a 7 hour boozy flight (which included free alcohol), we arrived in Boston yesterday afternoon and picked up our vehicle. We were offered a free upgrade to some kind of monstrous Jeep/ tank, which myself and Lec agreed to without hesitation, wide-eyed like a couple of kids at Christmas. However, Bazza and Sticky remained the voice of reason, and with the gas-guzzling mammoth likely to add a few hundred dollars to our fuel costs, we opted to keep our Dodge Grand Minivan.

It’s safe to say we had a baptism of fire with regards to driving in the USA. The 5 minute journey from the airport to the hotel took an hour and a half after we got hopelessly lost in the rush hour traffic.  Let’s just say the map reading skills of certain members of the group leave a lot to be desired. We did however get to see a lot of Boston which we otherwise wouldn’t have.

After checking into the hotel, we ventured out on foot to see some more of Boston and ended up in an area called Quincy Market, in a replica of the bar from Cheers. We spent the rest of the night in the bars around that area as it seemed pretty lively, sampling the local Sam Adams beer, finally leaving at the request of the bouncers who noted that one member of the group was rather the worse for wear.

The time difference and jet lag have meant we woke up at 5.30am this morning, but it’s kind of a good thing as we were planning on leaving early. We’re now about to set off to New York, which is around 4 and a half hours away, and are due to arrive around lunchtime.

Next stop: The Big Apple


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